Tracey Tellor

“Thank you Dr. Saldana and your great team. During the months of Covid pandemic, St. Lukes closed its “spa” office and so did Essentia. Looking for my doctor and finding he had opened his own Practice in the Medical Arts Building Downtown Duluth in the first floor Suite. Had botox twice by certified person at a hair solon, it was fine. Had the solon put filler under my eyes which wasnt a good idea, this prompted me to find Dr. Saldana, my doctor from St. Lukes. Dr. Saldana corrected the filler under my eyes and evened out the botox too! Duluth Plastic Surgery Center has multiple services and a talented staff. There’s a 20% discount on Black Friday! Social distancing gift giving! Niece hair removal, Sister a fire & ice Facial, daughter Eyebrow tinting, and skincare stocking stuffers! 218-215-8990 is the number to call. Thank you for fixing my face!!”